Don't Californicate Arizona
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Don't Californicate Arizona

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It's Too Late For Oregon

(But we can still save Arizona!)

It takes only a minute to do a Google Search demonstrating that California is the state with the most net-outward-migration, and Arizona is the state with the third most net-inward-migration.

We are happy to welcome our Ex-California friends (many of us have lived in California in years past).

In Arizona, we believe in personal responsibility and accountability. We reject victimhood, and we reject the demeaning notion that your life is determined by forces beyond your control.

In Arizona, we support the Police, and we thank them every day for being the Thin Blue Line that separates society from anarchy. We especially welcome those brave first responders who have been abused by the unruly mobs while the "leaders" of their cities stand idly by. There will be no Defunding the Police in Arizona.

In Arizona, we support our children and their education. We reject the notion that teachers are more important than children, and the notion that parents should not be able to send their children to the schools they choose because the teachers' jobs are more important than the children's education.

But please remember why you left California. Especially when you vote.

And, before your adult children decide to terrorize our neighborhoods, remind them that most of us are armed. If they threaten us, they will not like the result.